Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Going where the climate suits my clothes

Winter in Montreal. Summer in BC.

It seems a little backwards at times, but such is the life of an artist, I suppose.

Yes, in a few short days, I'll be hopping on board a train and singing for my supper and a ride across the country with VIA Rail's Artist on Board program again. It's a great way for starving artists to traverse this vast continent of ours without wasting cash on airfare. This time, I have a few stop-overs along the way to break-up the monotony and rest the vocal cords. And for the first time ever, I'll get to spend some time on the prairies, something I've been itching to do for quite a while.

Left, the beauty of autumn in Saskatchewan. Right, in Jasper last September, looking shockingly bright-eyed. 

And then, it's off to the Island and some long drives across our province for the summer music festival season (you can check those out under the Shows tab). Last year, I took close to 20 ferries and drove up and down the province 4 times. Let's see if we can beat that record this year.

I'm sad to be leaving Quebec and all my friends (and of course, the Floral Prince! What will we do without him?). It may have been a damn cold winter (the coldest in 40 years, according to Environment Canada) but it was a fun one, full of new and old friends and lots of music.

But still, I'm excited. I'm excited for BC blackberries and fresh ocean air. I'm excited for gluten-free, vegan potlucks. I'm excited for Billy Joel dance parties. Most importantly, I'm excited to see everyone I've left in BC again.

Until the next go around, see you soon, friends. Happy Summer. Happy Festivaling!